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This is our most comprehensive, full-service package of lawn care services offered. We do it all so you don’t have to, no worry. We begin our services in early Spring (February/March), and ends in early Winter (November/December). Our Premier Lawn and Landscape Service Package is the Gold Standard for Lawn and Landscape Care Programs, and if there is anything we missed, just let us know.

Early Spring
Clean up beds and leaves
Pull weeds in beds and tree rings
Cut back grasses & roses
Trim shrubs
Recut natural edging or repair poly/steel edging
Hardwood mulch installation
Application #1 Pre-emergent/Fertilizer, turf areas
Application #1, Pre-emergent landscape beds
Core Aeration

Irrigation system start-up, repair as required*
Weekly lawn mow
Landscape bed maintenance
Trim, edge, clean sidewalk/drives
Installation of seasonal color (annuals) and bedding materials as required*
Seasonal color monthly maintenance
Application #2, Fertilizer/weed control
Application #3, Broadleaf weed control/Fertilizer
Monitor and spray any emerging weeks, as needed

Mid-season Irrigation system check-up
Weekly lawn mow
Trim, edge, clean sidewalk/drives
Landscape bed maintenance
Seasonal color monthly maintenance
Application #4, Fertilizer/Grub control
Monitor and spray any emerging weeks, as needed

Monthly Irrigation system check-up
Weekly/Bi-Weekly lawn mow
Trim, edge, clean sidewalk/drives
Landscape bed maintenance
Trim/Prune shrubs and trees
Core Aeration
Verticut & Overseeding*
Application #5, Fertilizer
Clean-up of summer seasonal color plantings
Seasonal fall color installations*

Late Fall/Early Winter
Irrigation system winterization
Lawn mow as needed
Landscape bed maintenance, perennial trim/cutback
Prior seasonal color clean-up
Install seasonal color bulbs*
Leaf clean-up and removal
Application #6, Fall/Winter Fertilizer
Final leaf, lawn, bed clean-up

Snow & Ice Control
Premier customers will be automatically on the service list for snow & ice control. Snow will be plowed/cleared from all driveways and front sidewalks whenever accumulation reaches 2″ or greater. Driveways will be “back plowed to street with snow stacked away from drive, mailbox, and landscape beds as possible. Walks to doors will be hand shoveled and/or blown to grass areas. Calcium chloride or other de-icing agents will be applied upon request*. Snow & Ice Control will be invoiced as service is performed throughout the winter.

*Service is separately billed for time and materials as requested by customer selection, repairs required and service agreement.


Create a more beautiful outdoor world…

Add an EXPLOSION of colors and textures with a year-round rotation of seasonal flowers and pots.

Plat trees, shrubs and colorful perennials that will be easy to maintain and be a long term asset to your overall landscape. Add accent lighting to give a beautiful lasting impression no matter the weather or time of day. Make it pop!

Seasonal Solutions will ensure your landscape always looks its best with our seasonal bed maintenance program. We’ll do it right and at just the right time!

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